In-house designed Management Software. Allows you to manage a range of Riecktron AMR, IoT, and compatible 3rd-party products all in one place

Supported Applications

Remote electricity meter readings

Remote water meter readings

Vehicle fleet monitoring

Server or cold room temperature monitoring

Effortlessly oversee your Modems/Gateways

The Gateway page offers a comprehensive snapshot of your Gateway. Gain insights into its current SIM status, recent and past statuses, connected devices, configurations, issued commands and session data, all conveniently accessible from a centralized platform.

  • Current Network Status
  • Sim Details
  • Session Data
  • Linked Devices
  • Current IP Address
  • Remote Configurations

Efficiently oversee your Riecktron devices along with compatible 3rd-party devices

Seamlessly manage all your Riecktron and supported 3rd-party devices.

Monitor profile graphs and registers, access and export logs, configure device settings, issue commands, and explore linked gateways.

  • Profile Overview
  • Profile Log Data
  • CSV Exports
  • Log Data Intervals
  • Device Command Actions
  • Device Configurations
  • Linked Gateways

Efficiently administer the Sim Cards for your Modems/Gateways

Comprehensive summary of your SIM cards.

Access details such as the current gateway, recent and previous statuses, and the functionality to send and receive SMS messages.

  • Sim Details
  • Current Gateway
  • Send SMSes
  • Additional Sim details